Event Promotion + Marketing

Stockholm Art Fair

In its 50th year (2024), the Stockholm Art Fair continues to be THE biggest event along the Mississippi River at Lake Pepin in western Wisconsin, drawing thousands of fairgoers and nearly a hundred fine artists and fine craftspeople. Having helped design the annual poster for the last several years, which always featured a local artist's image, Jan was given the honor of creating both the image as well as the design of the poster for the 50th celebration.


The illustration depicts the festive fun of the event in the shaded village park on the shores of Lake Pepin and features its wacky, fun-loving greeter Zor (Gib Krohn), who has been doing the SAF gig for about as long as the fair has been running. And beside him is his new, young apprentice Zen (Elan Peterson)!  As a representation of all the sweet doggies that accompany their owners at the fair, Jan included her own sweet, three-legged dog Roxy.