Event Promotion + Marketing

Luna Lounge House Concert Series

In Maiden Rock Village, Wisconsin — a small rivertown community along the Mississippi River at Lake Pepin — and the neighboring Town of Maiden Rock, “just over the hill” — is a mix of “native” locals (farmers whose families have lived there for generations), artists and musicians of every crop, medium and genre, respectively. "Down-home" is the common aesthetic value that brings them together, a value which gave rise to the desire to gather during the slower-paced winter months, when fields are sleeping, galleries are closed, and music festivals are planning their next season’s lineup. Luna Lounge was conceived of this desire.


Fuego Design, along with two local musicians, their mother and her namesake cat Luna, planned, promoted and hosted a winter house-concert series. The venue — a living room with wonderful acoustics, warm lighting, and friendly lap-cat already built into it — provided an up-close "listening room" in which to experience top-notch musical talent, far more intimately than a bar or larger concert hall ever could.


The challenge for Fuego was to get the word out in a way that measured up to the quality of the music to ensure a full house. Concert “ticket prices” were merely a suggested donation (by law) — so, the better the attendance, the more likely the musicians could earn a living wage. Promoting each concert with posters, Facebook page posts and event invitations, and email blasts helped to ensure ample attendance and a financially successful outcome.