Fuego Design for Marketing is a strategic design company with expertise in getting audiences to take notice, and take action. While Fuego has won its share of awards, the greatest reward is knowing the work worked. You’ll see why.


Fuego kept this client from seeing red

Always wanted to be a film star

With less than two weeks to go before the start of the biggest music festival in the area, Blues on the Chippewa, the “artist friend” of one the festival organizers still hadn't presented a design for the event. That's when Fuego got the call.

A quick turnaround on a beautiful design not only helped the organization save face, but won Fuego the commission for the following year. Color Fuego happy!

See what Fuego has done to make other events sing.

For 2014, Fuego was once again engaged to create event promotion and marketing materials for Flyway Film Festival, which takes place in the Fall in river towns on Lake Pepin, along the west coast of Wisconsin. Here's what drove the festival image...